Create Your Own Stroke of Brilliance

If you're looking for a dramatic and simple way to bring a room back to life without spending a fortune, just give tickling a try.

Base Coat:
Kitchen & Bath Paint #967
Glaze Coat: Glazing Liquid, Satin Impervo Blue #805.
9-inch roller, paint tray, straight edge or ruler, low tack painter's tape, brush, rags, disposable latex gloves, & feather dusters.

7 Easy Steps To Tickling

  1. Paint the walls with a base coat and allow to dry overnight.

  2. Tape off a straight line on all walls 6 inches form the ceiling.  The bottom edge of the tape should rest on the 6 inch mark.

  3. Mix glaze: 5 parts Glazing Liquid to 1 part paint.

  4. Working in sections, roll glaze onto walls.  Start in one corner and cover an area about 4 feet by 4 feet.  We worked from the taped line down, to form our glaze section.

  5. Using a feather duster, "stab" the surface where the glaze has been applied.  Work to just within 5 inches of the edge of the glazed area.  Leaving this open edge will be where the next glaze section joins.  The open edge, called a wet edge, prevents lap-lines from occurring.

  6. Roll out the next 4'x4' section.  Back role into the adjacent 5 inch wide wet edge left in the last glaze section.  This will join one section to another without a seam.  Proceed with the tickling to complete the walls.  Wipe off your feather duster from time to time, and replace it when it becomes too wet.

  7. Once dry, select a stencil to compliment your room and apply the motif to the white space left on the upper segment of the wall.  This will complete the room's decor.

Tickling Tips

  1. Make sure you shake off the duster very well and remove any loose feathers prior to use.
  2. If you happen to get a feather on the wall and can pull it off without your fingers touching the wall, do so.  If not, let it dry and remove it later.
  3. You will need 8 to 12 feather dusters to complete an average size room.
  4. If you are uncomfortable with using the duster in the corners, touch them with a 1 bristle brush to create some texture.


Compliments of: Hyde Park Paint & Paper, London