Create Your Own Stroke of Brilliance

If you like texture, style and unique colours then ragging might be just the paint technique for you. Follow our simple instructions to create your own Stroke of Brilliance! 5 Easy Steps to Ragging Off   
Base Coat:
Aquapearl #1607
Glaze coat: Glazing Liquid, Satin Impervo, Black
lint-free rags,
9-inch roller, paint tray, 2-inch brush, disposable latex gloves


 5 Easy Steps To Ragging Off

  1. Clean and prepare walls with M83. Paint the walls with base coat; allow to dry overnight.
  2. Mix glaze: 5 parts Glazing Liquid, 1 part paint. Pour into the paint tray.
  3. Working in sections, roll the glaze onto the walls, starting in a corner and covering an area approximately four-feet-by-four-feet.
  4. Using a crumpled rag, pounce the surface where the glaze has been applied to within 5 inches of the two open edges.
  5. Roll out the next section, about the same size, back rolling into the adjacent 5-inch wide wet edge. Follow steps 3 to 5 and continue with ragging to complete all the walls.

Helpful Hints

  1. Always choose a colour for the glaze deeper than you think you want. If not it will be diluted by the clear Glazing Liquid.
  2. Be sure you have a good supply of rags of a similar texture.
  3. When a rag is saturated, lay it out to dry, then dispose of it. Do not place it in the garbage while it's still wet.  

Compliments of: Hyde Park Paint & Paper, London