Create Your Own Stroke of Brilliance

Faux mosaic tiles are simple, fast and versatile. They're also the perfect vehicle for tying several colours together and for using as a repeat motif in select areas. We used this mosaic motif on the floor, the back-splash, and the counter bullnose edging.  
Base Coat: AquaPearl #967
Tile colours: Wall Satin #1604, #279, #510, #HC-61 and black
Protective finish: Stays Clear high gloss latex urethane
small blocks of upholstery foam or make-up sponges, utility knife, pad applicator, newspaper


 4 Easy Steps to Inlaid Mosaic Tile  

  1. Paint the surface with base coat and allow to dry overnight.
  2. Cut several one-inch wide shapes such as squares, triangles and rectangles from the block of upholstery foam or make-up sponges.
  3. Using the paint can lids as palettes, dip each foam shape into the paint. Dab off on newspaper, then press firmly onto the surface in a random pattern.
  4. Allow to dry. Apply three coats of Stays Clear using pad applicator.

Helpful Hints

  1. For terracotta tiles that are slightly more orange in appearance, substitute the following colours for the ones we used: #1201, #1204, and # 1145.
  2. As this is a painted wood floor, wear is to expected, however, touch ups are easy. With time this floor may require another coat of Stays Clear in high traffic areas as part of a regular maintenance program.


Compliments of: Hyde Park Paint & Paper, London