Create Your Own Stroke of Brilliance

Now you can FRESCO the fun, easy way with latex paint.  Latex paints and glazing liquid are easy to clean and have less odour.  So go FRESCO . . . it couldn't be any simpler.   
(Base Coat)
Aquapearl #967, 1066 AquaPearl, Aqua Glaze, 1070 AquaPearl
cheese cloth, 10mm nap roller, paint tray,2 stir sticks, disposable latex gloves, 1 1/2" or 2" angular sash paint brush


 If you love a mottled, parchment look, here's an easy way to achieve it. Follow our simple instructions and create your own Stroke of Brilliance!

11 Easy Steps:

1. Paint the wall with a base coat of Benjamin Moore's Regal Aquapearl #967 and leave it to dry at least 12 hours.

2. Pour 3 parts Benjamin Moore Aqua Glaze into a bucket.

3. Pour 1 part of colour #1066 Regal AquaPearl into the bucket. (Be sure to mix enough to complete the entire area desired.)

4. Repeat  step #3 but use colour #1070 Regal AquaPearl.

5. Cut out a piece of corrugated cardboard that follows the profile of the tray and hold it in the  centre of the tray. Pour one glaze mixture on one side of the cardboard divider and pour the second mixture on the other side of the cardboard. The cardboard will keep the glaze mixtures separated.

6. Pull out the cardboard divider.  The two colours of glaze will not run together provided that equal amounts of each have been poured in the tray.

7. Load a 10mm nap roller in the paint tray, as you would for normal painting. Always re-load the roller the same way - keeping the light end of the roller with the light paint paint mix, and the dark end with the dark paint mix.

8. Roll the paint randomly on the wall - left, right, up, down - until the parchment affect is achieved.

9. If harsh lines appear, use cheese cloth or a sponge to blend them away.

10. Use a 1 1/2 or 2" angular sash paint brush to get into corners and along moulding and baseboards.

11. When paint tray is empty, re-mix the paint following steps 2-6.

12. Allow approximately twelve hours for the wall surface to dry completely.

Compliments of: Hyde Park Paint & Paper, London



Helpful Hints

  1. When #1066 and #1070 are combined on the surface, your wall wil be the midtone between the two colours (#1068) .  Keep this in mind when choosing your own colour scheme.
  2. This technique is very forgiving.  If you are unhappy with any sections of your wall, simply roll over them.
  3. Keep a light touch! The more you roll onto the surface, the more colours will blend together and obscure the look.