Create Your Own Stroke of Brilliance

If you like the look of moire wallcoverings, or a simple marbled effect, Smooshing may be the paint technique for you, at a fraction of the cost. Follow our simple instructions to create your own Stroke of Brilliance!

7 Easy Steps to Smooshing
  1. Paint the wall with Benjamin Moore's Regal AquaGlo semi-gloss finish latex enamel #981 and allow to dry overnight.
  2. Mix glaze. Use five parts of Benjamin Moore's Glazing Liquid and one part Satin Impervo #984.
  3. Apply the glaze quickly to the wall. If you think it will take longer than 10 to 15 minutes to put the glaze on the entire wall, then do it in smaller sections.
  4. Press a plastic drop sheet on the wet glaze; it will adhere on its own. The one mil utility thickness provides the best results.
  5. Using your hands, smooth the plastic against the wall, wrinkle, rub, crinkle anything just move the plastic. It will probably not require more than five minutes to cover the entire wall.
  6. Carefully remove and dispose of the plastic.
  7. Roll the glaze on the next wall and repeat. Do not reuse the same piece of plastic.

Helpful Hints for Smooshing.

  1. Tape off areas that will not be covered with glaze, i.e. windows and door frames.
  2. For a long wall, buy one mil plastic in a roll from a building supply store. Roll glaze in 6 foot sections and apply plastic then repeat for the next section until the wall is complete.
  3. Around ceiling and corners use paint brush to cut in with the glaze.
  4. For other colours use a tone on tone for the most elegant results, such as dark blue over a lighter blue.

 Compliments of: Hyde Park Paint & Paper, London