Warm and Inviting Entrances.

A welcoming entrance shows you care before you even open the door by creating a warm and inviting approach to your home.



Consider the entire front yard.

A gently curving front path creates an informal effect. A straight walkway looks more formal. Instead of the traditional row of ever greens along the foundation, plant a mix of evergreens and deciduous shrubs. Position flower planters on the front landing or on the steps.

For an extra touch consider planting flowers around the mailbox. Window boxes with flowers and tailing vines can be mounted on porch railings or on windowsills. For a whimsical look. Fill an antique wheel barrel with seasonal blooms.

To keep your guests safe from inclement weather, make sure that the front porch area is large enough for two people to stand on, if there is room add a bench or chair. Check regularly that your steps are safe and not slippery in snow or rain.

It is the front door that visitor s ultimately encounter before stepping into your home. Make sure that it is just as welcoming as the interior of your home. For convenience, ensure that knockers and door bells are evident and at convenient heights.

For beauty, try re painting the door a fresh new colour and hang up seasonal decorations, such as a wreath. Put out a welcome mat that adds to your decor theme. Update the front door light fixture and consider adding lighting along the walk way to the door . Above all, keep everything clean, swept and neatly trimmed to show your guests you really care, both about them and about your home.